"From the trace to the spiritual"

White canvases with fabrics that go beyond the frame and intervene in the space. The dirt of the footsteps as history and life, the white oil painting as a sacrum-redeeming element, show the being of the person within the ephemeral and worldly and, at the same time, as part and evocation of the transcendent. In the installation, spectators becomes part of the work and intervene with their footprints in the fabrics across the floor. The question is a personal in-terpellation about existence: Nihilism or Transcendence? These works unite the traces and marks, some texts in paper veiling showing a "revealing microvision", messages that could be hidden among the dust or in the erosions of time. Texts that are installed outside the can-vas appropriating the space that surrounds them and delimiting pictorial formalism. Some may be light projections that appear and disappear.

. . .

In the installations of light bulbs, by using them on canvases, piled up, or even broken, the artist seeks to evoke the lights and shadows that illuminate our knowledge, that reveal new perspectives and visions or that sometimes confuse us with leftovers. The pieces encourage us to think if there really is another type of light that allows us to see or perceive part of the real existence.

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