The environment, the habitat where we live can become an ally or an enemy. The installation of white branches seeks to generate a hopeful and spiritual environment. In the installation "Everything and nothingness" the branches are the evocation of the spiritual habitat as op-posed to the rice that speaks of the physical needs, of hunger and poverty.

Poverty and dignity.

The fingerprint appears in different works as another of the permanent elements of personal semantics. It evokes the individuality of the person and their dignity beyond any condition or situation. The golden fingerprint, as in all places where gold is used, shows the importance and present real value. Golden fingerprint and golden rice are united in a single speech in defense of dignity in poverty and the need for social action that welcomes the person and their integral needs (body and spirit).

Golden rice.

Golden rice refers to the development of transgenic foods that could eradicate hunger in the world.

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